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Welcome to LA Tone

LA Tone's range of innovative products are scientifically designed to help you lose weight, look great and feel your personal best. From weight loss pills, to proteins, cutting-edge gels and the amazing SlimGum, there is something for you right here.



What to eat, when to eat and how to make sure you lose weight and look & feel healthy from the inside and on the outside. LA Tone Nutrition has specific articles not seen anywhere else.



Learn to do the right exercises to achieve optimum tone, fat loss and stamina. Exercising for the sake of exercising is futile.
LA Tone teaches you the right way to train to achieve fast and long-lasting results.


Learn all about healthy foods, snacks and recipes that will get you in tip top shape.
It's easy to live a healthier life when someone shows you the way. LA Tone's recipes will help you look and feel great.